10 Great Facts You Might Not Know

10 Great Facts You Might Not Know
  1. Affordable apartments are typically located in poorer parts of town.
  2. They are not always the best quality and tend to be older.
  3. They are more affordable for people who are struggling financially, but you might not have the same amenities as you would in other apartments.
  4. You can qualify for affordable housing by meeting the requirements.
  5. You might only qualify for low income housing if you earn a certain amount, and the requirements vary from state to state.
  6. Low income housing is not always available in the more expensive cities.
  7. There are various programs and organizations that help people find low income housing.
  8. There are waiting lists for affordable apartments in some areas.
  9. Some affordable apartments have a maximum income limit, so you might not qualify.
  10. In some low income flats, you might be required to live with a certain number of other people.